Speeding ticket image processing software

PVFoto is the ultimate tool to visualize images of the violations. You will be able to treat an unimaginable number of tickets a day. With the help of this powerful visualization tool images are shown in multiple different ways on one or multiple screens. One can adjust every view in many different ways and your setup can be saved, based on your preference or for a specific location. We have seen a production increase of 250% for some police forces or treatment centers. PVFoto Control center frees your hands to do what is really important. You just need to set it and forget it. The service automatically downloads images from all the cameras, splits them the way you want and places them on the location ready to be treated by PVFoto. With this tool you can mix and prepare all brands of cameras, even scanned images from 'wet-film' cameras.

Schema of the PV Foto test suite

PvFoto client application

PVFoto makes the processing of tickets much easier than with the traditional means. A purified and adaptable interface makes it possible to train personnel easily and get optimal production in a matter of hours. PVFoto gives the user a unique interface, adaptable to his own needs. The user can easily switch from one layout to another whenever he gets a new queue. His individual preferences can be stored and loaded whenever he wants. PVFoto can send all available metadata as speed, location, ANPR information and so on towards the database. PVFoto can receive all additional information from the back office database as ticket number, car owner, etc. This makes it possible to easily find the images specific for a requested violation or to be used for statistical requests. All this metadata can be used to put the images of the violations online for consultation by the traffic offender. This reduces the amount of work for the back office staff and can even be used for online payments. Please contact us for more information.


PVFoto Control center

PVFoto Control Center is a unique tool that makes the process of downloading and importing images from many different cameras seamless. The 'set it and forget' strategy makes sure that the treatment officer can easily add or remove cameras and workflows in a minimal amount of time. The robust engine, distributed processing and multi-threading makes sure that one error on a camera will never bring the system down. The licensing is based on the number of cameras, so one can have as many servers as necessary. PVFoto Control Center does all the hard work. All the calculations are being done on these server(s) and the back office staff never has to wait. Decrypting, decompressing, splitting and enhancing of the raw files is done by this powerful service. PVFoto Control Center makes hassle free working no longer an illusion. ANPR from different companies can be incorporated in the workflow.